The Alligators Bio

Emerging out of the swamps of Southern California, The Alligators were formed to celebrate the music of Grateful Dead, “Pigpen” and Beyond! 

Simply put, The Alligators are here to party hard and Rock you! 

The bands repertoire consists of high-octane, whiskey-soaked versions of the often-neglected Pigpen songs that are the bedrock foundation of the Grateful Dead. They don’t stop there, however, and one is never sure what may materialize in their barn-burning performances.

Their energetic stage show is anchored by lead singer, Pete Carona, who’s unique style is Pigpen-esque, but in No way presented as an impersonation. The dual guitar assault consists of “Stevie Ravioli” on Rhythm guitar and Steven Kim—AKA “The Kimchee Warrior” on Lead Guitar. Chompin’ the keyboards and piano is “Berkey Gator” and on bass guitar is “J.J. Gator” Rounding out the rhythm section on drums is Richard La Chomp. 

The bands first show in 2017 was just supposed to be a One-Off gig to fill a 6am time slot of another band who had cancelled a last-minute festival spot. Our Manager and Founder of Southern Californias skull n Roses festival, Chris Mitrovich, had a last-minute epiphany to fill the void with a fresh band to kickstart the day. He rallied each band member who all came from completely different musical backgrounds, and genres, but all shared a common Love for big time jams and Grateful Dead Music.

That day… The Alligators were born.  We got such a wonderful response as we came off the stage that first show, all the people in attendance were saying to us “Where do we see you next?” So, we rolled with it, and every show we play, the crowds get bigger and bigger, and the Jams keep getting sweeter and sweeter! The gas pedal has been pinned to the floor ever since. The Alligators play year-round spreading the gospel of fun-loving, ass shakin’, Boogie Woogie, Swamp-rockin’ Jam Music. 

Come and join the party and… Come Chomp with us!

Rhythm Guitar
Stevie Ravioli

Lead Guitar
Steve / Kimchee Warrior

Pete Pen

Rich La Chomp

J.J. Gator

Berkey Gator

Booking Info:

Dee-luxe Management—
Phone: (626) 831-3070
Email: Chris Mitrovich

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Facebook: The Alligators Pigpen
Instagram: @thealligatorspigpen

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